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I like as a hobby to do text processing and analysis of CJKV text.

Japanese and Chinese is of course available in near infinite quantities.

Korean is a bit harder to find, but not impossible.

Vietnamese though has not been written in Han Characters for almost a century, and prior to that time literacy was not common.

I know there have been efforts to encode characters used only in Vietnamese and not the other languages into Unicode. But what I don't know is if there's been effort to encode old documents and make them available to the public online.

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this project may have what you are looking for:

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Indeed it does contain digitized Unicode text in parallel Chinese- and Latin- character Vietnamese. Thanks! Here's an example: Vân Tiên Cổ Tích Tân Truyện - 雲僊古跡新傳 – hippietrail Dec 29 '12 at 7:56

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