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Are there examples of reduplication that clearly changes the syntactic category of a root/stem? I'm thinking of cases like:

pak, n 'tortilla'

pakpak, v 'make tortillas'

tap, a 'red'

tatap, v 'redden'

The language with pervasive reduplication I know best, Kaqchikel (Mayan), has reduplication turning affect words into intransitive verbs, like the following example, but as far as I know, there aren't cases of reduplication that change core syntactic categories.

witz' 'the sound mice make'

niwitz'itz' 'he/she/it made the sound mice make'

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That depends on what you consider a syntactic category. In polysynthetic languages, there's often not much difference between verb, noun, and adjective, for instance, beyond the morphology that's applied. In Lushootseed (Salishan), there are a large number of reduplication types, but they apply to all kinds of roots. –  jlawler Jan 2 '13 at 19:56

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