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I'm looking for a website or software that will take text written in a source language and produce a transcription in IPA. The languages I am interested in are French, Italian and German, but if you know resources for other languages I would be happy to know.

For example, does English -> IPA for free. Here's a sample of their transcription.

All that glitters is not gold.

ɒl ðæt glɪtərz ɪz nɑt gold.

I'm looking for a tool like this. If you're wondering why one would need such a tool, besides the obvious application of helping people learning a new language, it's also useful to singers/actors who have to perform in a foreign language.

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The open source eSpeak program can do this:

espeak -v lang --ipa "text goes here"

where lang is:

  • fr for French
  • it for Italian
  • de for German

It is not 100% accurate in pronunciation in all cases, but will speak out the pronunciations.

You can also use Kirshenbaum-like ASCII IPA:

espeak -v lang --ipa "[[ipa transcription goes here]]" 

If you use -x instead of --ipa you get the phonemes in the format that espeak accepts.

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I happend to find this:

Works okay for French, but it goofs up on some words, so watch out. Looks like English, Spanish and Chinese are also available there.

Here's something for German:

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Have you tried IPANow? It does IPA transcriptions for Latin, Italian, German, and French.

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