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I’m a PhD student in linguistics at the University of British Columbia. I work on Tlingit, a critically endangered language of northern British Columbia, the Yukon, and southeast Alaska. I also have extensive interests in the related Athabaskan languages, language documentation theory and practice, orthography design, morphological theory, phonological theory, and the syntax of noun phrases and relativization.

I’ve been using TeX and friends for more than a decade. I use Xe(La)TeX, fontspec, memoir, and BibLaTeX extensively, and I am working on a BibLaTeX style for linguistics publications. Other packages I use frequently include pst-jtree, expex, and booktabs. I’m learning PGF/TikZ and considering developing a library to produce autosegmental representation diagrams. I do my writing in TeXShop, and my TeX programming in MacVim, having abandoned FSF Emacs and XEmacs due to their perpetually disappointing Unicode rendering.

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