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Top new questions this week:

How a learner of a polysynthetic language like Arapaho would use an electronic or printed dictionary?

Along the lines of this question about agglutinative dictionaries, I just finished reading through the paper "Creating lexical resources for polysynthetic languages — the case of Arapaho, by ...

dictionary tools agglutinative-languages polysynthesis  
asked by Lance 4 votes
answered by user6726 5 votes

Is there any real phonemic distinction between semivowels and their vocalic counterparts?

So my understanding is that semivowels are phonetically identical (or nearly identical) to their vocalic equivalents, and that the distinction between the two is primarily based on how they behave ...

phonology semivowels  
asked by Jackson Wilson 1 vote
answered by fdb 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is markedness?

I am confused about the meaning of markedness. From the Wikipedia page I read: The dominant term is known as the 'unmarked' term and the other, secondary one is the 'marked' term. In other words, ...

terminology markedness  
asked by gui11aume 13 votes
answered by Miles Rout 17 votes

What's the difference between syntax and grammar?

From what I've read, both terms have to do with the rules of formation of sentences. I've seen grammar used in mathematical contexts, in computability theory, where it has a precise definition. But ...

syntax grammar terminology  
asked by becko 46 votes
answered by jlawler 51 votes

How can nasalized vowels in English be explained?

. . .Auntie *Ma*rge's present, see, it's here under. . . [audio source] In the audio above, [mɑː] sounds like this: [..m..] [......ɑː.....] ---- (time) ----> This sounds close to nasalized [ɑː]...

english pronunciation vowels  
asked by Listenever 4 votes
answered by musicallinguist 18 votes

What's the difference between phonetics and phonology?

Having practiced armchair linguistics for some years I should be able to sum up the difference off the top of my head, yet often I don't know which term to use. And looking them up on Wikipedia doesn'...

phonetics phonology terminology  
asked by hippietrail 44 votes
answered by Alenanno 38 votes

Why are affix hopping and head movement considered as distinct operations?

Affix hopping is a morphological operation by which an unattached affix in the T position is lowered onto a verb. This attachment is done by the "Phonetic Form component" (the posited component in the ...

asked by Otavio Macedo 11 votes
answered by Aaron 10 votes

When should one use slashes or square brackets when transcribing in IPA?

When should one use /fubar/ and when [fubar] when transcribing in IPA? What are the differences?

phonology phonetics ipa transcription  
asked by Louis Rhys 68 votes
answered by Alek Storm 59 votes

Why are consonants distinguished differently than vowels?

Consonants are distinguished normally by features like place of articulation, manner of articulation, voiced/voiceless, etc. while vowels are usually distingusihed by stuff like tongue's position and ...

phonology phonetics vowels consonants  
asked by AnasUrba 11 votes
answered by Otavio Macedo 15 votes
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