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Top new questions this week:

confusion around what constitutes a complex sentence

What type of sentences would the following be considered: they all have multiple clauses so would they be considered complex? 'I don't like cooking ready meals.' 'I don't like to cook ready meals' '...

user avatar asked by user45524 Score of 3
user avatar answered by Lambie Score of 3

What makes a dialect a prestige dialect?

The dialect of upper-class Brits has been considered a prestige dialect not only in the U.K., but also all over the English-speaking world. Even today, kitchen gadgets are often hawked on American T....

sociolinguistics dialects prestige  
user avatar asked by S K Score of 3

Term for separate linguistic styles or identities?

So, this is a really hard concept for me to understand, but a long time ago I saw a small piece of reading talking about how young women pioneer the development of language much more than young men. A ...

syntax terminology  
user avatar asked by Trent Dunlap Score of 1

Constructing a Czech adverb from an adjective

I am looking for an algorithm to create Czech adverbs when given an adjective. I was looking for a decent set of rules, but I was not able to find anything comprehensive. Going from example words I ...

grammar adjectives adverbs czech  
user avatar asked by Pux Score of 1
user avatar answered by Pux Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there any evidence that the modern word for "bear" is an euphemism which replaced the original taboo word?

I have read and heard many times the old linguistic story about the modern word for "bear": Slavic: medvěd, niedźwiedź, ведмідь, ... "honey-eater" Germanic: bär, bear, björn, ... &...

historical-linguistics etymology proto-indo-european evolution  
user avatar asked by Honza Zidek Score of 38
user avatar answered by Tristan Score of 37

Why are consonants distinguished differently than vowels?

Consonants are distinguished normally by features like place of articulation, manner of articulation, voiced/voiceless, etc. while vowels are usually distingusihed by stuff like tongue's position and ...

phonology phonetics vowels consonants  
user avatar asked by AnasUrba Score of 10
user avatar answered by Otavio Macedo Score of 15

Are there clear exceptions to the alleged universality of "alphabet" as a term used in all languages

In the book The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood by James Gleick there is a bold claim: In all the languages of earth there is only one word for alphabet (alfabet, alfabeto, алфавит, ...

etymology alphabets  
user avatar asked by Brian Z Score of 7
user avatar answered by Janus Bahs Jacquet Score of 20

Is there a list of word meanings that are universally represented in all languages?

I am looking for a comprehensive list of words/concepts that are represented in most if not all known languages - presumably the category would include human body parts (hand, foot, mouth, eye), ...

computational-linguistics cross-linguistic translation words  
user avatar asked by norlesh Score of 10
user avatar answered by user6726 Score of 17

Nations' names for themselves with foreign etymologies

TL;DR: are there any cases of nations/ethnic groups, whose name for themselves comes from a language that is foreign to them? [I feel like I am missing a term here] Many nations have a name for ...

historical-linguistics etymology  
user avatar asked by Bennet Score of 7
user avatar answered by Tristan Score of 17

What are difficulties linguists have run into with common fonts?

Recently I've resumed work on a font I'm currently developing, meant to be released as a completely free, open-source, OFL-licensed font designed specifically for use in academic and formal writing. ...

user avatar asked by Emily Score of 19
user avatar answered by Janus Bahs Jacquet Score of 15

When should one use slashes or square brackets when transcribing in IPA?

When should one use /fubar/ and when [fubar] when transcribing in IPA? What are the differences?

phonology phonetics ipa transcription  
user avatar asked by Louis Rhys Score of 72
user avatar answered by Alek Storm Score of 63
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