How do I use the First posts queue?

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The First Posts queue contains the first few posts created by new users, who may not fully understand the best way to ask and answer questions, or what's on- and off-topic on this site. The purpose of this queue is to give special attention to users who may need to be educated on some aspect of our model, and to posts that are more likely to need improvement.

Basic workflow

When reviewing, you may do one or more of several actions or you may do none. Perform all actions that you deem necessary. For example, a question may be complete and on-topic but need formatting help. In this case, edit to improve the formatting and - if you wish - upvote it before clicking "I'm done".

  • Choose No action needed if the post requires no intervention.
  • Select I’m done if/when you’ve completed any of the following:
    • Vote up or down.
    • Edit (or suggest an edit) if the post is clear and within guidelines, but could use some editing help to improve grammar, spelling, or formatting.
    • Comment (or upvote existing comments) to point out content that is missing or may need adjusting. These comments can be useful to both the post author and other reviewers.
    • Flag posts that are spam or rude, as well as answers that don't attempt to answer the question or are link-only.
    • Trusted users may also vote to delete answers that don’t attempt to answer the question, are link-only, or are duplicates of other answers.
  • Skip if you’re unsure about what to do.

One review from a user is enough to dismiss the task, so review carefully to ensure that this question meets site expectations. Here are some guidelines when reviewing and deciding which actions to take on new posts:

For all posts

  • If the post is spam or contains promotional links, flag it as "spam".
  • If the post is offensive, flag as "rude or abusive".

For questions

  • Check that the main part of the question is in the post itself and not hosted off-site. If there are links to other sites, the question should be written so that it makes sense even if the links break or change.
  • The question should:
    • be clear.
    • have all necessary information required to answer it.
    • be on-topic for the site.
    • solicit fact-based answers.
    • show research.
    • be appropriately tagged.
  • If appropriate, comment and ask for the missing information to narrow the scope of the question, or reword the question so it fits the site scope.
  • If the question seems like a question you have seen before, check if the post is a duplicate.
  • Upvote good, well-written questions to encourage new users.
  • Sometimes a question will need to be closed, which can be done by flagging or voting to close it. You can read more about when questions should be closed here.

For answers

  • Check that the post author attempts to provide a focused answer, and not a simple comment or new question post.
  • The post should be unique from other answers provided.
  • The post should not have broken links or be exclusively made up of links.

For more information on how to edit effectively, please see our Help center article about editing.

Some of the content of this page is adapted from information in our Meta Stack Exchange FAQ, which also contains more in-depth guidance if you are interested in reading more about this queue.