Generally speaking, what are conditions under which function words in English are to be stressed.

I am working on weak/strong/contracted forms in English and the textbook states that WFs are to be used when the function word is unstressed

So when is this the case, when not?

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    They are contracted whenever possible, and unstressed unless they are being used contrastively (I didn't give you a dollar, I gave you 4 dollars) or emphatically (Dr. Eszterhazy is the man to see for this ailment). Which is to say, practically all the time. And sometimes they disappear entirely, like the have in have got. – john lawler in exile Apr 10 '15 at 20:07

In addition to the cases mentioned by Lawler in his comment, coming at the end of a constituent containing more than one word will often require stress and prevent contraction. "Would you like some ice cream?" "Yes, I'd like sm ice cream" / "Yes, I'd like some" / *"Yes, I'd like sm" / "Yes, I would" / *"Yes, I'd".

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