I need an annotation tool to annotate a cross lingual corpus at sentence level, matching sentences from two documents if they are in a paraphrase relationship. Can someone please help me find a tool to do this?

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You can use Clark, an XML based corpous annotation tool, for annotating your corpora. The link is here.

Other tools are:

  • GATE

    GATE is a modular system for the linguistic processing of texts. It comprises an architecture, library framework and graphical development environment. Plugins can be used to build an application for a particular annotation task. GATE is freely available under GNU Library General Public License (LGPL 2.0) and can be downloaded after a registration. It is implemented in Java, and thus available for all major platforms.

  • Alembic Workbench Project

    Tool for manual and automatic annotation of text corpora. Automatic annotation is achieved by a mixed approach: heuristics for information extraction can be manually composed or automatically inducted. Available free of charge.

  • PALinkA: A Discourse Annotation Tool

    An annotation program which allows a wide range of annotations. At present it has been used to annotate texts for anaphora resolution, centering, summarisation and marking certain features in texts.

  • Annotate

    Annotate is a tool for efficient semi-automatic annotation of corpus data. It facilitates the generation of context-free structures and additionally allows crossing edges.

  • MMAX

    A tool for multi-modal annotation in XML

You can also read about corpus annotation below:

[1] : http://nlp.ipipan.waw.pl/~adamp/Papers/2009-ltc-tei/ltc-030-przepiorkowski.pdf

[2] : http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/documents/college-artslaw/corpus/conference-archives/2007/187Paper.pdf


The task you are looking for is called Alignment and the most popular tool for it is hunalign.

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