I wanted to know if there has been any research regarding F-score or CF-score (Li, Haiying, "Comparing Two Measures for Formality." 2013.) affecting learning and/or language learning?

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first of all take a look at this question might be helpful: Software to measure F-Score (formality) in English

Also you can read papers below to get a catch of the subject:

  • Heylighen, F. and Dewaele, J.M., 1999. Formality of language: definition, measurement and behavioral determinants. Interner Bericht, Center “Leo Apostel”, Vrije Universiteit Brüssel.
  • Upshur, J.A., 1968. Four Experiments On The Relation Between Foreign Language Teaching And Learning*. Language Learning, 18(1‐2), pp.111-124.

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