(TL;DR) For each IPA phone, are there animations, ams, pictures or videos that depict exactly and precisely the location of your articulators (eg: your tongue), needed to articulate that letter?

Optional Reading: Though replete with typos, this website includes helpful pictures and simple explanations.

I use charts featuring audio (clips of) pronunciations as such. However, though based on words on anatomy, IPA's terminology is less precise than a diagram. Listening to the audio clips do not aid me to pinpoint where to place my articulators; I must experiment and guess, inefficiently and futilely. For example, I still don't know where the tongue must be situated to pronounce the alveolar trill r. Anecdotes conflict and haven't helped me.

This Quora answer affirms the utility in 'familiarity with the anatomy', for mastering the IPA.

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I should think that there are a number of sources.

  • For example, the University of Sheffield offers videos for every IPA sound.
  • If the sounds of English, Spanish and German are enough for you, the University of Iowa has an animated app/web-app with videos.

Edit: I think reddit.com/r/ipa is also noteworthy, as most new apps and websites about the topic come up there at some point.


Seeing Speech is a remarkable site that has MRI, UTI and animations for most IPA sounds.

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