I have a .wav file and a txt file that I am trying to use with the P2FA aligner. For some reason, it skips every word. I even tried running it with just two words: "the robotics". My text file is this: THE ROBOTICS

This is the error I get:

max:desktop m$ python ./p2fa/align.py june.wav junemurphy.txt 3.TextGrid SKIPPING WORD ??THE SKIPPING WORD ROBOTICS SKIPPING WORD SKIPPING WORD ./tmp/sound.wav -> ./tmp/tmp.plp

I'm not sure what the question marks mean? Both of these words must be in the CMU dict.


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I found this readme: http://www.hum.uu.nl/uilots/lab/resources/p2fa20120228.pdf

Did you remember to prepare your orthographic transcript file(the txt file)? It needs markers for pauses and start of speech.

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