I am looking for a forced aligner in Spanish. Something similar to P2FA for American English.

I want to force align simple sentences in Mexican Spanish for a project.

Does anyone know one?

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There's also the relatively new PraatAlign plugin (https://github.com/dopefishh/praatalign). I know that Easy-Align is trained on Castilian models and might not be the best for your Mexican data. The documentation for PraatAlign is a little vague on the variety used for training data, but looking at their phone inventory it appears to be a seseo-variety with the palatal lateral so I'm thinking Sevilla or Córdoba. Either way, you could edit either dictionary for your variety.

In my lab we're also working on a Spanish variant of P2FA built using Latin American sociolinguistic interviews as training data. If you're still working on the project, send me a message if you're interested in more information.


This is a response to Eric answer but I can't seem to add comments...

Praatalign uses the models trained by Schiel et al. from München.

Praatalign phonetizes Spanish orthographic transcription on the fly but is also able to apply inter/intra-word pronunciation rules and one or more alternative pronunciations via a pronunciation dictionary.

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Just Googling, I found this:


I don't know anything about it, but they claim to be able to handle French, Spanish, and English.


Coming back to my own question posted a few years ago, I have had a lot of sucsess with faseAlign. Here is a link to the documentation: faseAlign Documentation

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