I am looking for downloadable word co-occurrence matrices that were computed on large corpora. word2vec and GloVe have on their website downloadable word vectors, I am looking for something similar with raw word co-occurrence matrices.

http://clic.cimec.unitn.it/composes/toolkit/_downloads/demo.zip contains a co-occurrence matrix for nouns, verbs extracted from Wikipedia, BNC and ukWaC corpora, but the matrix was chopped: it only contains 1550 words. (1550 rows, 10000 columns)

  • Have you found any useful dataset Franck? Sep 9 at 21:55

I think http://www.collocates.info/ will have the data you need. Note, the full processed list is not free but is not outrageously expensive.

  • Thanks! So many NLP data sets put behind paywall by academic researchers... Oct 29 '15 at 14:56

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