Certain words seem to come from gluing or aggregating other extant words; what is the technical name given for phenomenon?

For example:

In Sanskrit: pratyaksanamanagamah; where pratyaksa is percept, anumana is inference, and agamah is testimony

In English: Being-in-the-World, where the words are hyphenated

In German: SchifffartskanalaufsichtsbevollmachtIfer; where schifft is ship, fahrt sailing, Kanal is canal, aufsicht is supervising, and bevollmachtiger is supervise.

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This is known as compounding.

I might add that compounds are not usually made up of full-inflected words with case and number, they are generally based on the stems that get inflection. Hence pratyakṣa in that compound does not have a case marker, as self-standing words of Sanskrit do.

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