I am a playwright/performer and need help with writing a "broken" English version from a native Russian speaker of the following. Please note the show I am doing is in the Ridiculous Theatrical comedic vein.

Grammar is intentionally misused. Influence: My father came from Hungary and his English was rich with the following "isms." I approach this with an affection, not mocking.

Title with Translation:

Public & Private Health Lecture Demonstration of Dr Svetlana (Открытое и частное медицинское Лекция Демонстрация доктора Светланы)


Native of Dykistan, faculty member of Guam Online Medical School, Dr. Svetlana Titania Boom de Eva present Leon Trotsky lecture demonstration. Undauntness by charges of practicing medicine without license, I emerge from safe house at 10th and B St. with ferocity reminiscing of Great October Socialists Revolution. Comrade Bernie Sanders unconfirmed surprise guest. @drsvetlanafrg

  • So what text should be rewritten in broken English?
    – Alex B.
    Mar 21 '16 at 5:00