I was looking (for a statistics project) to the Lexical Distance between languages and I came across this post

Worldwide map or data for linguistic distance?

I was wondering if there is any "numerical table" of these distances, in order to do myself some analysis!

  • You would probably have to contact Prof. Tyshchenko about that. It may be in the original Ukrainian article. But it doesn't seem to represent anything except shared vocabulary, which is not the same as "distance between" languages in some theoretical Language Space.
    – jlawler
    May 23 '16 at 13:39

It's not in a convenient format at all, but if you look at the SI (supporting information) tab for the paper Support for linguistic macrofamilies from weighted sequence alignment there are .svg files with very large phylogenetic trees with edges labelled with similarity between languages. You could contact the author for something a bit more directly useful!


Maybe you already have finished your statistics project, but anyway here is a matrix of the available lexical distances according to Tishchenko. It includes no lexical distances that I have calculated.

I hope you can share anything you come up with.

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