Is there a freely available and downloadable corpus recorded English language dialogues available?

Ideally such a corpus would include transcripts and time-markers for each speaker.

I have found this list: http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.05742. However none of the options are available for download.


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Concretely I would suggest film subtitles or telephone data, depending on your exact application.

A Survey of Available Corpora For Building Data-Driven Dialogue Systems (PDF), published by researchers at the Université de Montréal and McGill, has a good overview.

enter image description here

The relevant section Human-Human Spoken Corpora gives overviews and links to:
- Switchboard dataset
- British National Corpus

Further down you will find Constrained Spoken Corpora (domain-specific) and Scripted Spoken Corpora (films). opensubtitles.org is also widely used.

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