Basically I mean, for activities one consistently performs, is there a special name or category for those verbs?

Examples: He runs I play table tennis She surfs They study linguistics

See how each of these words describe something one often does, but not necessary what they're currently doing.

  • In English, the simple present form ("He runs.") is 'habitual'.
    – amI
    Aug 1 '16 at 21:05

It's not a property of the verb, in the sense "verb root", it's a property of the form ("tense"). You can construct huge numbers of parallel forms "I verb X" / "I am verbing X" with this same property -- insert sing, eat, carry, hammer, etc. Aiming for terminology that is consistent across languages, "I eat/sell/make cheese" exemplifies the habitual, and "I am eating/selling/making cheese" exemplifies the present progressive".

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