I am a researcher in Computational Linguistics. Recently, my research interests led me towards the analysis derivative nouns, specifically nouns derived from other nouns. For example, India to Indian, Grammar to grammarian but not drive to driver.

I got to read literature that suggests the relationship between affixes and semantic senses that leads to derivation of derivative nouns. A sense can have multiple affixes (American, Delhite etc.) . Also an affix can cater to multiple senses (Grammarian, Orwelian, Australian).

I am interested in finding ways where I can find pair of words which follow such relations and filter them from the False cognate. But in order to do this I would require resources that tells me possible pairs of those words and if possible the list of affixes that can be used.

If I can be pointed to any digital resource regarding the word etymology of derivative nouns then I can formulate the problem. Kindly pardon me, If I am not following the community guidelines as I am not familiar with the community as such. I am looking for resources in English , French or German.


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