I am working with dysphonic speech and Praat's automated pulse detection algorithm is inadequate, so I manually correct the placement of pulses using .Manipulation files.

My ultimate goal is to measure CPP: I know how to obtain this measure from an original unmodified Sound file. However, when I try to resynthesize (either with overlap-add or LPC) the modified .Manipulation file, the resulting Sound file doesn't exhibit the same pulses as my manually corrected .Manipulation file does.

I tried reading the Praat documentation, but couldn't find an answer there or from web searches, nor could I find any previous StackExchange questions addressing this questions, so I hope somebody can advise me on what I may be missing.

  • How did you make those changes? You should have extracted the PointProcess object and made your changes on this object. Then you can apply these changes back to the Manipulation object with Replace pulses. Is this what you did?
    – jja
    Aug 30, 2016 at 23:19


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