The lists here:


seem to be woefully incomplete, because they lack the language codes OLV and OVD (And presumably many others) found here:


With the markup codes in question:

{{lang|olv|Ulum Dalska}}

Are these language codes not included in ISO 639, and if not; what standard do they come from, and is there a more complete table that I can refer to when looking up language codes?

  • I doubt that linguists can help you, but at least, this looks like a resource-request. Commented Feb 10, 2017 at 2:52

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The Wikipedia page is just out of date. If you check the edit history you'll see the latest edit is from 2013, but the ovd code was only created in 2015.

SIL have an index which looks like it could be up to date. It has ovd, but not olv. But Google has no results for "olv Uvåsiljan" or "olv Ulum Dalska" so my guess is that it's either a typo or someone made it up.

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