Especially in Western branch of Turkic languages.

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The standard work on Turkish etymology is Clauson's "Etymological dictionary of pre-thirteenth-century Turkish".

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    Most of the Mongolian loan words in Western Branch (especially Oghuz languages) entered after mongolian invasion. Although I don't know the work,since he asked for Western branch, I assume that work may not be satisfactory for him.
    – kabraxis
    Apr 6, 2017 at 2:22

I recommend ESKİ VE ORTA TÜRKÇEDE MOĞOLCA KELİMELER by Tuncer Gülensoy. Not only does it have a good summary, it also includes lots of sources for that topic. I also recommend this paper:


found one research in English http://www.sosyalarastirmalar.com/cilt7/sayi32_pdf/1dil_edebiyat/tokat_feyza.pdf according to the research, below are some words that are similar

castration aḫta /M. aḳda

golden altun/altan

red al

sibling anda pure arig profit asig eat asa leopard bars hero batur present belek source bulag group buluk spear cida flower cecek wise cecen face ciray secret dalda iron temur equil deng early erden knowledge erdem speak keleci braid kekul whole lab bread manto thousand min grow os beard sahal blind sokur absorb soru plate tabag land tala hell tamu chattels tavar earth tobarak net tor wedding toy law toru water usu reproduce uru big reke

also found another paper that list lots of words for references http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/corff/im/Sprache/hugjilt.unx

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