I was unable to find a cuneiform for Sumerian (Akkadian?) ĝir15 (as in ki-en-ĝir15) in the unicode character database (cuneiform namelist) .. however, according to ePSD, it seems that it has the same cuneiform as eš2.. compare ĝir [NATIVE] and eš [FLOUR] or eš [ROPE], both seem to use U+120A0 "𒂠" character.

Is it an example of homographs, or is the story more complicated?


Yes, eš2 and gir15 are two "readings" (as one says in Assyriology) of the same sign.

  • Yes, look at the ePSD site. You have already given the links.
    – fdb
    May 30 '14 at 16:36

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