The corpus in NLTK sinica can be used for research.
There are two shortcomings for sinica to be used in research.

  1. too small
  2. it is a traditional Chinese corpus

Can someone here introduce a big and simplified Chinese corpus that can be freely downloaded for research?

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    This is an interesting problem; as this script is a recent innovation, most texts written in Simplified Chinese are by default protected by copyright, and hence can't be used as part of a text corpus. See Article 5 of PRC Copyright Law for exceptions. – Locoluis Aug 22 '17 at 13:52

There are some standard choices:

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The Opus corpus (open subtitles) has a chinese subcorpus. It really comes much in handy when you want to train tools with parallel corpora. It is open source and the lannguage is derived from movies so it shouldn't be too traditional. http://opus.lingfil.uu.se/

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This one is fairly easy to use, although it cannot be downloaded, but only accessed online: http://corpus.leeds.ac.uk/query-zh.html. It consists of three corporas: Chinese Internet Corpus (280 million tokens), Chinese Business Corpus (30 million tokens) and Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese (more on this one here: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/fass/projects/corpus/LCMC/).

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