Is the following morpho-syntactic representation of the below phrase using brackets correct?

Long Bike Ride

And subsequently, would the below cyclically applied rules showing the resulting stress levels represented by numbers also be correct for "long bike ride" where the meaning is for the duration of the ride rather than the physicality of the bike?

[[Long]A [[Bike]N [Ride]N]N ]NP ____1___ _1 ___1_____ Main Stress Rule

[Long [Bike Ride]NP _____ 1 _2 Compound Stress Rule

[Long Bike Ride]NP ____1___ _2 ___3_____ Compound Stress Rule

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The bracketing is correct. The Compound stress rule will apply to give the 1-2 contour to "bike-ride"; then the Nuclear stress rule assigns 1 stress to "bike", causing across the board reductions of other stressed, so you get a surface 2-1-3 profile. This is analogous to SPE's derivation 16a, for "black board-eraser".


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