I am working on building a semantic markup for my native language and I have bumped into the fact that ready semantic hierarchy or tagset is a very scarce resource.

What I am looking for is something like that:

  - LIFE
    - HUMAN
      - POWER
        :: king, prime-minister, president, etc
    :: wedding, inauguration

(example are just for illustrative purpose only, I need structure only)

There are, of course, some classical works like Roget's Thesaurus, but it has been developed long long ago and I am looking for something more contemporary.


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ConceptNet has the "is a type of" relations stored, for example: http://conceptnet.io/c/en/king

They've preloaded many great sources (Cyc, dbpedia, wordnet, etc). The issue is, the words aren't tagged by a word-sense key. So, using the "king" example, the kb doesn't distinguish between a 'monarch' or a 'chess piece'.

Some people like the type system in Freeebase or dbpedia. You can find the list here: https://www.textrazor.com/types

And I'll leave the Roget outline here for other people, as a resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Outline_of_Roget%27s_Thesaurus


Maybe a Wordnet is a resource that can help you as a starter. I do not know what language is in your mind, but there is the Open Multilingual Wordnet project hosted by Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) that may even cover the language of your choice.

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