I have read some works on Proto-Indo-European which mention different schools that advocate for different paradigms of reconstruction, such as the Leiden and the Erlangen schools. I'd like to know if there are any other such schools and a quick run-down of their proposed paradigms (as well as any scholarly works relevant to this question).

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    This is a very good question, as someone who's fed up with seeing people cite PIE reconstructions as if they're universal! I'm even considering putting a bounty on it Feb 21, 2020 at 12:27
  • Something can be gleaned from this page (but it is of course not the full picture): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schleicher%27s_fable Feb 21, 2020 at 17:05
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    I'm a man of my word (bountie'd) Dec 11, 2020 at 19:51
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    This is indeed an excellent question… but it’s very hard to answer. The different schools overlap in various – often unpredictable – ways, agreeing and disagreeing with each other on individual points of reconstructions in ways that make them quite hard to disentangle. I was there when Kloekhorst first presented the theory spelled out in the article @AlexB. linked to, at a symposium in Erlangen. The reaction from the audience was very confused: everybody disagreed with parts of it, but even within ‘schools’, nobody could agree on disagreeing with the same parts! Dec 15, 2020 at 1:59
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    unfortunate that there are no answers, but thanks for the bounty @madprogramer and the nice responses Janus
    – Aryaman
    Jan 27, 2021 at 5:32


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