Having linguistics and Chinese knowledge, I need some basic notions to understand an academic article. I add an example of the kind of language used

a. liang zu xuesheng 'two teams/sections of students'

b. [[zu]] = λkλx∃n [ ∪ k(x) ∧ µteam/section(x) = n] k >

c. [[liang]] = λP λx [P(x) ∧ 2(x)] <, >

d. [[liang zu xuesheng]] = λx [ ∪∩ students (x) ∧ µteam/section(x) = 2]

Therefore some concise exposition and some reference wuold do.

  • To start with, which parts do you understand? – Luke Sawczak Feb 28 '18 at 23:48

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