I'm looking for a basic phoneme-grapheme alignment algorithm which can be called in Python from a machine running OS X. So far the only implementations I've been able to find are part of larger C++ libraries (here and here) which seem like they would be overkill to install, especially given the added difficulty of getting them running on an OS X machine.

Does anyone know of a good standalone P2G implementation written in Python? Maybe something living in a git gist somewhere?

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I figured I'd post an answer in case it helped anyone else in the future. I wound up installing Jiampojamarn's m2m-aligner, callable via the terminal, and it works great. I used this to preprocess all of grapheme/phoneme pairs in the CMU Pronunciation Dictionary prior to runtime, and saved the results in a custom GraphemePhonemeAlignment Python class.

One trick for anyone trying to get the m2m-aligner working on OSX: I had to delete the lgcc_s requirement from the makefile in order to get the make command to work. After that, the program ran like a charm.

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    I ended up writing my own aligner in Python and it picked up inconsistencies in the CMU dictionary. Message me if anyone wants Commented Jan 20, 2023 at 7:22

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