I am taking a course on linguistics and got introduced to a lot of abbreviations. Other than the obvious V for verb, I am having a lot of trouble finding out what the others mean.

The book Speech and Language Processing by Jurafsky and Martin uses a lot of these abbreviations too without explaining what they all mean.

Does someone have a link to a list in a website or book or whatever that I can use to know what all these short forms stand for?

I can use google to find out what they mean but am wondering if there is a bigger list out there.

enter image description here


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Let's look at the first example

blame    blame+V+Inf

The word form blame is lemmatised as blame, part-of-speech-tagged as verb V and and further anylysed as the infinitive Inf (which includes all of the present tense except the 3rd person singular Pres3s).

The other tags of the example should be no problem: Pret stand for the past tense aka preteritum, PastPart for the past participle and PresPart for the present participle aka gerund aka "the -ing form".


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