Wikipedia states that the greek prefixes for zero are

  • meden-

  • ouden-

Any examples in a modern language? (preferably spanish)

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There's not a lot. The obvious place to start is Modern Greek :-) , and even there, there's just words corresponding to Latin nihil- words:

  • μηδενιστής "nihilist" (obviously a recent calque)
  • μηδενίζω "to give a zero grade; to dismiss as worthless; to clock a counter" (also looks to be recent)
  • ουδενίζω, oυδενόω "to annihilate" (shows up in Patristic Greek)

Ancient Greek does have οὐδενία "worthlessness" (in Plato) and οὐδενόσωρος "nobody's concern = worthless" (in Homer).


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