I’m making a website, and using ISO standard two letter language codes for tagging user-submitted content. I’m not intending on adding every single language, but would like an other category. It’s not a huge problem, but it got me wondering, is there a standard code for other? If there is nothing official, is there a common convention?


I am not aware of an ISO 639-3 code for "other" language. The standard has a few special codes for situations when you can't use a language code:

  • mis: for documents using uncoded languages, i.e. languages don't have a ISO code (yet);
  • mul: for documents using multiple languages (however, in markup languages, you can use the lang attribute on specific elements that contain content in a single language);
  • und: for documents where the language has not been identified;
  • zxx: for documents without any linguistic content.

The closest match with what you need is und.

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In Addition to @Christophe Strobbe's answer, there is a kind of private use area in ISO 639-3: In addition, 520 codes in the range qaaqtz are 'reserved for local use'. So you can assign in your application the code qot for "other" when you want to do this. Note that the same code can have completely different assignments on other places.

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