I'm looking for a good book to study generative syntax from an introductory level to intermediate or advanced.


I would recommend Liliane Haegeman's 'introduction to government and binding theory'. This book is very useful at introductory levels, and she explains factual issues in language and linguistics in a very simplified manner. If you want another simpler introductory book try Andrew Carnie's 'syntax'. But I advise you to read the first. It will build your critical linguistic thinking.


Andrew Radford's "Transformational Grammar, A First Course" and Liliane Haegeman's "Introduction to Government and Binding Theory" would be sufficient for numerous purposes. I can also recommend Gert Webelhuth's "Government and Binding Theory and The Minimalist Program", and Andrew Carnie's "Syntax: A Generative Introduction"

In addition, one should read Chomsky's major books on these topics. It is a must and very enlightening.

  • I recommend Andrew Carnie's. It's the best introduction to syntax textbook. Nov 27 '18 at 23:15

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