McWhorter, J. PhD Linguistics (Stanford). The Language Hoax (2016). pp. 163 Bottom - 164.

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I speak no Lahu and don't know how to reproduce that question in Lahu on p. 164.

  1. Can someone please expound the semantic notions that underlie "send" and "make"? I don't understand (see the sentences to the left of 1):

“Send” means “make” as in putting them forth for a purpose".

  1. Can someone please expound the following? I don't know how to

feel how send them to could come to mean make them to just as in English, see can be used in the sentence See that they take it away.

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    It isn't that send means make. Syntax is not about individual words but rather constructions. In this case the construction is X make Y VP, where X and Y are people and VP is an infinitive clause (without to for make). And the other construction, which means a similar thing, is X send Y to VP; the only difference is the presence or absence of the marker to. As for the meaning, X is still commanding Y to do something with make and with send, but with send it's to do something at a distance from X. – jlawler Aug 10 at 20:48

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