Let's say carrot for a shade of orange.

Suppose carrot is not used for the color and I wanted one to describe the vegetable's color. So, I revive the displaced more for the color. What do you call such revival?

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Maybe there is a single term for this specific combination of operations, but this seems like multiple operations: learned borrowing + x, where x is the usual process by which x-coloured was substituted with x.

A word or other linguistic form borrowed from a classical language into a modern language.

See the Wiktionary category Learnedly borrowed terms by language.

A learned borrowing could be from any classical language, not necessarily from an earlier stage or nominal ancestor of the language in question.

But in some languages, especially those that undergo a revival or tend to use neologisms instead of loanwords for new concepts, like Icelandic, French, Armenian and Hebrew, it is common.

enter image description here

There is also a neologism neosemantism and its cognates, with very limited currency.

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