For my text to speech engine (I use Cereproc, William Voice). The engine can be used on the website here: https://www.cereproc.com/ and it supports the ssml tags used in this question..


I am building an acronymn interpreter that will clearly dilineate the acronymn as well as account for nuances like this:

IEDS -> I, E, Dees

instead of

IEDS -> I, E, Dee, Es

I only mention this, as this is why I can not use Cereproc's

<say-as interpret-as='characters'>IEDS</say-as>

Anyway, with phonemes, I am being tripped up here:

<phoneme alphabet="IPA" ph="ˈaɪ ˈiː dˈiːz ">IEDS</phoneme>

sounds something like "Iyee'Edees", giving a stupid sound artifact. I could do this:

 <phoneme alphabet="IPA" ph="ˈaɪ">I</phoneme>
 <phoneme alphabet="IPA" ph="ˈiː">E</phoneme>
 <phoneme alphabet="IPA" ph="dˈiːz">DS</phoneme>

But now the issue is the pause between each sound is too long.


Thus, in the IPA phonetic alphabet, what symbols could I place in between:


To give the pause I need to adequately space out those sounds so each letter is pronounced in full?

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So in researching the question, I ended up finding an answer.

While it does not give me full control over the pausing, adding a period after each block of phonetic characters added the perfect amount of spacing, thus:

<phoneme alphabet="IPA" ph="  ˈaɪ. ˈiː. dˈiː.z ">IEDS</phoneme>

Works perfectly.

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