I am looking for a text processor which can do the following:

-I have various target sentences (e.g., I walked to school) recorded by a speaker -Different listeners transcribed these sentences -I want to look at how many errors there were in their transcriptions

Are there any tools which can highlight unmatching words so that I can get a count of errors?


  • "unmatching" - that's so unspecific, what do you want to match, characters, words, sense? – vectory Apr 20 at 20:06
  • I am mostly interested in words so something that can catch a transcribed sentence like "I parked to school" and highlight the word "parked" for a target sentence "I walked to school". – eegegg Apr 20 at 20:13
  • Search 'file comparison tools'. There are many available because programmers use them to merge code, but they work fine with normal text too. Some are free-ware. – amI Apr 21 at 3:11

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