This webpage outlines the "four grammatical forms that can function as the adjunct adverbial". In the tree underneath,

  1. isn't "why" the Head?

  2. If it is, oughtn`t Adjective Clause be a Pronoun or Adverb Clause? "why" is a Relative Pronoun or Adverb?

enter image description here

In this Adverb Phrase as Adjunct Adverbial, "in" is the first word. Thus it looks like the head of a "Prepositional Phrase", even though the only content word is "opinion" (a noun)?

enter image description here

Another [Prepositional Phrase as Adjunct Adverbial] (https://parentingpatch.com/using-prepositional-phrases-adjunct-adverbials/):

enter image description here

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