In English, there is a rule for adjective order (IIRC, it's something like: opinion, size, tempature, age... resulting in "A wonderful little cold antique chair...".
What, if it exists, is the order rule for Hebrew?

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    Your question as it is asked is unfortunately off topic, because we do not answer usage questions for particular languages (see help/on-topic: "If you have questions about grammar, usage, etc., this might not be your place"). However, it may be interesting to note that there may be a cross-linguistic pattern at play here. See for example Eva Belke's 'Visual determinants of preferred adjective order' and the references therein. – Keelan Aug 13 at 13:35
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    The question could easily be restated. Something along the lines of adjective order in left-branching versus right-branching languages. – fdb Aug 13 at 14:44
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    Definitely, if that is what is intended. – Keelan Aug 13 at 14:51