With regard to the English language, how many words is the average person likely to hear (not read) on an average day. By "how many words" I don't mean how many unique words. In other words if I hear the word "get" 1000 times and "given" 10 times, then this would result in 1010 being added to the total result. This means that I can multiply the total result for a day by seven in order to get an estimate for a week.

I realise that class, occupation and number of friends etc. have an impact on this value, but I really only need a very rough estimate. What I'm interested in knowing is how many words a learner is exposed to on a given day when immersed in an English speaking society.


I have found one source claiming that 30,000 words a day is a reasonable estimate.

Here is another source claiming the value is actually 100,000 words a day.

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