Suppose I'm looking at a clay tablet, when come across an unfamiliar sign.

a line of cuneiform

Looking up that second glyph in a sign list, I see that it's called GAR; putting that into the ePSD, I'm told it can be read as NINDA "bread". So this word, whatever it is, potentially means "bread".

But now, I'd like to go one step further and find the actual Hittite (or Akkadian) word represented by the logogram. In other words, I'd like to find the word represented by NINDA-an the way wiyanas "wine" is represented by GEŠTIN-as or hassus "king" is represented by LUGAL-us.

Is there a good way to find this information? For example, is there a database mapping Sumerian logograms to their pronunciations in other languages?


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This is a good list of logograms and their pronunciation and meaning that I have found helpful:

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