I noticed that Proto-Indo-European *ḱ is cognate to Proto-Slavic *s with r, l, m̥ "environment":

*ḱr̥d- *sьrdьce
*pórḱos *porsę
*pre- *prositi

*ḱolh₂mos *solma
*h₁ólḱis *olsь

*ḱóm *sъ(n)
*déḱm̥ *desętь
*ḱm̥tóm *sъto

*ǵr̥h₂nóm *zьrno
*ǵʰelh₃- *žьltъ

Does "environment" matter?

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    It would help if you also gave examples of words where that "context" (but I think the term you're after is environment) isn't present. – LjL Nov 8 at 23:29
  • It's funny because l, m̥ (m, n), r are between "k" and "s" in the alphabet. The p letter should also be in that list) – HungarianMan Nov 9 at 0:54
  • + *ḱr̥h₂-néh₂ *sьrna – HungarianMan Nov 9 at 19:55
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    Nope because there are also ḱweytos *světъ and *(s)ḱēwer- *sěverъ – HungarianMan Nov 10 at 10:31
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    @ngn I suggested including a (potential) counterexample... I still think it should be included in the question, as comments are ephemeral, and not what matters. I'd be more comfortable nominating the question for reopening that way myself. – LjL Nov 10 at 18:40