Despite written in an alphabetic script, the Carian language resisted decipherment for a long time and we can only read it for about three decades now. The Carian language turned out to be a member of the Luwian branch of the Anatolian languages.

What impact has the decipherment of the Carian language to our knowledge of the Anotolian languages, especially on the reconstruction of proto-Anatolian?


The pseudo-decipherment claimed Adiego is garbage.
See here for refutation:
https://www.academia.edu/40779529/More_on_deciphering_Carian_with_Hurrian https://www.academia.edu/40679565/Deciphering_Carian_for_real_with_Hurrian

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    This is again not an answer. It's also not a place to discuss controversy. It's probably not really controversial, though. My take from those pdfs: a) The egyptian material doesn't give me much, the presentation is lacking as so often for show notes b) the notion of non-IE elements is worth an investigation, but mere similarity isn't conclusive c) the plate inscription in the second link appears convincing, but a possible reading in Greek in Ancient Greece might be what gave us the Greek gloss in the first place that your reading is based on; d) There's no discussion of Adiego anywhere in it. – vectory Feb 4 '20 at 22:11
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    What is the appraisal of that refutation and alternative decipherment in the linguistic community? – jk - Reinstate Monica Feb 12 '20 at 17:32

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