I want to use the word flexibility in an "ism" form. I have two possible forms in mind but sure which one is better:

  1. flexibilism
  2. flexibiltyism

Which of the above forms is correct?

Thank you!

  • What sense do you intend to convey through this combination? – user27758 Feb 22 at 11:44
  • 1
    perhaps better suited to latin.SE – vectory Feb 22 at 12:33
  • The underlying question for acceptance of neologisms - if this were one - though linguistically inclined, is still dependent on cultural constraints. – vectory Feb 22 at 12:39

In The Transition to Flexibility by Daniel C. Knudsen, Knudsen calls it flexibilism.

Knudsen states the following:

"The terms "flexibilism" and "flexible accumulation" refer to flexible production along with its emerging social and political institutions" (pg. 2).

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  • Thank you so much ! Flexibilism . I take it. – Kanglando Feb 23 at 12:27

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