I want to find a list of 2-word expressions starting with iron:

i.e. ironing board, iron filings, iron bridge

Can you suggest a vocabulary tool for that?

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    e.g. "derived terms" in wiktionary – ngn Mar 21 at 12:18
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    www.wordmaker.info (Select 'starting with', then enter iron in the search box). – Decapitated Soul Mar 21 at 12:48
  • Do you want to include expressions starting with "irony", "ironic" or "ironton"? – user6726 Mar 21 at 16:21
  • it's easy to find words starting with a given prefix, I would like to find pars of wods that include iron, the most common words that that come after and previously in litteratre. JK answer is awesome, i am just waiting for the website to send me an email so i can activate and search :) – com.prehensible Mar 21 at 17:43

Using a BYU corpus, you can search for iron* _nn* where the first part matches words starting with “iron” and the second part matches nouns.

It’s as simple as typing that into the search box, though there are more complicated options available.

The two BYU corpora I use the most are the Corpus of Contemporary American English and the British National Corpus.

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  • The query iron* _nn* has almost no recall on CoCA, it is better to use iron* * and filter out artefacts like iron . or iron is afterwards. – jk - Reinstate Monica Mar 25 at 16:26

Using the Corpus Query Processor or a similar corpus engine with a suitable corpus to answer your question, the query


and a frequency breakdown on the types does the job.

The more difficult thing is finding a "suitable" corpus, news, science, or literary texts will give different ranking lists.

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