I'm trying to extract duration values form three different tiers. I have five tiers in total, but I just want to the duration values for every labels in form the first 3 tiers along with the corresponding label from tier 4 and 5. That is, from tier 1-3 I want duration values + labels, and from 4 + 5 I need just the labels. I would highly appreicat any help.

enter image description here

I'm using the following scrip but has not been successful.

numberOfTiers = Get number of tiers
for tierNumber from 1 to numberOfTiers
    numberOfIntervals = Get number of intervals: tierNumber
    for intervalNumber from 1 to numberOfIntervals
       text$ = Get label of interval: tierNumber, intervalNumber
       appendInfoLine: "Tier ", tierNumber, ", interval ", intervalNumber, ": ", text$
  • Your script is mostly unintelligible because everything is run together into one line. You might try fixing that. Also, your computational goal is not clearly stated. What are you trying to do? – user6726 Apr 2 '20 at 18:30
  • Thanks for your concerns. I'm trying to get duration values + labels for the upper 3 tiers, and labels for the lower 2 tiers. – Dallak Apr 2 '20 at 19:09

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