I am using an existing praat script for speech rate (Nivja de Jong and Ton Wempe, 2008) that outputs speech rate along with other variables in the Praat info window. It saves the files it uses compute such variables, including pitch and intensity data. I want to add output lines following the original script (sort of to piggyback off of it for the information it already has). I tried running the following lines based off the manual commands I did to get such pitch and intensity values. I then tried to name these commands and print them in the output file.

# print a single header line with column names and units
printline soundname, int_mean(dB), int_sd(dB), int_min(dB), int_max(dB), pitch_mean(Hz), pitch_sd(Hz), pitch_min(Hz), pitch_max(Hz)

selectObject: "Intensity ML_001_TD_TD_hobbies_L"
int_mean(dB) = Get mean... 0, 0, "energy"
int_sd(dB) = Get standard deviation... 0, 0
int_min(dB) = Get minimum... 0, 0, "Parabolic"
int_max(dB) = Get maximum... 0, 0, "Parabolic"
selectObject: "Pitch ML_001_TD_TD_hobbies_L"
pitch_mean(Hz) = Get mean... 0, 0, "Hertz"
pitch_sd(Hz) = Get standard deviation... 0, 0, "Hertz"
pitch_min(Hz) = Get minimum... 0, 0, "Hertz", "Parabolic"
pitch_max(Hz) = Get maximum... 0, 0, "Hertz", "Parabolic"

# summarize results in Info window
printline 'soundname$', 'int_mean(dB)', 'int_sd(dB)', 'int_min(dB)', 'int_max(dB)', 'pitch_mean(Hz)', 'pitch_sd(Hz)', 'pitch_min(Hz)', 'pitch_max(Hz)'


However, I keep getting an error at the first manual command line saying "Unknown unfunction 'int_mean' in formual. Line 5 not executed." But when I compare to similar commands in their script that work, I cannot find the problem with how I assigned the variables and why it won't run.

Any advice on where I went wrong and how I can get it to execute these outputs?

Many thanks.

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    This is really a programming question, not a question about linguistics. – user6726 Apr 21 '20 at 16:26
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    This question does not appear to be about Linguistics, a scientific study of natural languages, its phenomena, currents, theories, or its history, within the scope defined in the help center. – bytebuster Sep 23 '20 at 0:48

You may need to use a different command than "printline". Other Praat script commands that can be used to print results are:




See the Praat scripting guide on writing to the Info Window: http://www.fon.hum.uva.nl/praat/manual/Scripting_6_2__Writing_to_the_Info_window.html

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