I'm reading an introduction about Geoffrey Leech's seven types of meaning, and confused by the definition of connotative meaning. According to Wikipedia:

The connotative meanings of an expression are the thoughts provoked by a term when in reference to certain entities. Though these meanings may not be strictly implied by relevant definitions, they show up in common or preferred usage regardless. This is not to be confused with what is historically referred to as connotation, which more closely describes rigid definitions of words.

Still, I fail to distinguish between connotative meaning and connotation after reading this. They make no difference to me. Any examples to illustrate this would be appreciated.

  • I'd guess he's distinguishing between individual connotations and shared ones. Green has a common connotation of life, but for someone it might have a connotative meaning of friendship because their best friend always wears green. – curiousdannii Apr 25 at 13:52

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