The Part-Of-Speech Tagging Guidelines for the PennChineseTreebank(3.0) uses several acronyms without defining them. I am a hobbyist student of Chinese linguistics as part of my study of Chinese.

I cannot figure out what MSP stands for. They say that MSPs include 所,以,而,& 来。 From the examples given, I think P stands for particle, S may stand for structural or sentence, and M might stand for medial. Other than P, these are just my guesses.

I would love any help.

screenshot from the pdf, linked below

second screenshot from the pdf, linked below



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I emailed Fei Xia and she said that MSP simply means miscallenous particles. I don't think it actually means anything more special, like "modal structural particle," or otherwise.

enter image description here

Page 17 of the attached file is what you put on the question already.


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