I'd like to work on my ability to identify creaky and harsh voice. Creaky voice is not a huge problem - I already have a reasonable idea of what that sounds like and there are a million YT videos explaining how it's done. Harsh voice is another matter though. I have found abstract descriptions of it, but very little in the way of examples or practical how-tos. Can anyone point me to anything like that?

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You might look at "The valves of the throat and their functioning in tone, vocal register and stress: Laryngoscopic case studies", Edmonson & Esling (2006). The book Voice quality: the laryngeal articulator model by Esling, Moisik, Benner & Crevier-Buchman (2019) includes harsh voice in their account of the larynx as an articulator. It includes some online videos and photos, available here. Chapter 2 is probably the most relevant to your interest, especially the demo video of harsh voice and harsh voiced laughter. There are, additionally, demos of laryngeal sound types that you can compare harsh voice with. I will say that the samples do not sound like Bor Dinka "hard" voice in my experience, which is said to be harsh voice, but individual variation is not surprising.

  • Well that will keep me busy for a while... Thanks once again.
    – rchivers
    May 18, 2020 at 21:32

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